Created by shimarufrom the Noun ProjectCreated by creative stallfrom the Noun ProjectCreated by shimarufrom the Noun Project
Climb Cam
Forest village
Climb to the light
Undiscovered Wounds
Lead Game designer
Creative direction
Level design
3D platformer/adventure set up in a surreally gigantic forest

In a world populated by trees extending infinitely towards an undiscovered canopy, you will play as Yasha, the member of a nomadic tribe seeking to discover what lies at the top of the forest.

After an accident that separated you from your tribe, you will realize that you lost the use of an arm and are unable to climb as you did before. Refusing to accept this fate, you will push yourself to rejoin your peers and discover what lies atop the forest.

This project was an amazing learning experience. As a designer, being able to dive deep into an ambitious production teaches a lot about scope management, communication, and leadership. (Article coming soon)

Undiscovered Wounds - Design Dossier