Created by shimarufrom the Noun ProjectCreated by creative stallfrom the Noun ProjectCreated by shimarufrom the Noun Project
Forest village
Climb to the light
Undiscovered Wounds
Lead Game designer
Creative direction
Level design
UW is a 3D platformer/adventure set up in a surreally gigantic forest of which nobody knows what's atop.

You embody Yasha, a tribe member of shamanistic culture. Along with some of your people, you departed on a journey to the top of the forest. But as you were about to set foot in a never before visited part of your world, you fell and were left for dead.

When you woke up, you lost an arm. The members of your tribe healed you, and they elected you as their new shaman. But what you wanted was to climb, and to discover what lies atop... Against the will of your people, you will begin your new journey all alone towards the canopy.