Created by shimarufrom the Noun ProjectCreated by creative stallfrom the Noun ProjectCreated by shimarufrom the Noun Project
Inspiration concept art
Nomad is a cooperative board-game in which you play as a nomad group surviving on its way to a safe place.

Nomad is set in a universe where an AI, the System, has taken control over human societies. Some humans are forced to walk with huge machines on their back to produce energy. They are called Walkers.
You’re one of them, and your group has heard of a place where the System cannot trace people. Where humans can be free to live has they choose. One day, you decide to begin your own journey.

The game board is composed of hexagonal tiles and is constructed throughout the game. Each time players enter a zone, they are faced with a situation to resolve. They will do so by managing resources, actions, and characters capacities.

Nomad was designed for ENJMIN competitive exam of 2018. The art on the side was done by Simon Stålenhag, and is not my property. It was used as inspiration for the concept, but isn't part of the game.